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Territory of Garda Lake


What to see in Garda and surroundings:

Villa Vaccari is surrounded by the magical atmosphere of Lake Garda to give you an unforgettable stay.

Garda is an Italian town in the province of Verona, from which it is about 40 kilometers away and to which it is connected by the A22 Brenner motorway, exiting at the Affi exit. It counts approximately 4,000 inhabitants distributed in just under 15 square kilometers of surface and overlooks the east coast of Lake Garda.

The main reason to visit this town is definitely the lake with which it shares its name: Lake Garda is in fact the largest Italian lake (it boasts an area of ​​370 square kilometers), as well as being a perfect holiday resort since the time of the Roman Empire, which guarantees relaxation (or, if we want, otium) to thousands of tourists from all over the world.

For the rest, the urban area of ​​Garda is however rich in history and monuments worthy of being visited, on which stands the Rocca of the same name, built by the Lombards on a hill overlooking the town (and which, at the time of its construction, allowed a perfect control of neighboring territories).

The Garda Riviera is however well known also for its citrus fruits and in particular for its splendid lemon groves which, in addition to providing an excellent raw material, are in all respects a more unique than rare landscape; more than known also its wines: Nosiola, Merlot, Cabernet and Northern Holy Wine.

For those who do not want to limit their physical activity to the use of a knife and fork, the municipality has thought of a long series of sports activities, to be practiced both in the midst of nature (ranging from horse racing to golf, passing through the mountain biking and even free climbing in the Arco area), which, of course, on the shores of the lake: from windsurfing, to canyoning along the surrounding streams, passing underwater and above all rowing in all its forms.

From this point of view Garda hosts the largest standing and rowing school in the Veneto region of Italy, actively participates every year in the main national events of this discipline and also organizes more traditional events, such as the Palio dell ‘Assunta, which sees the country districts against each other in a challenge between 8 Venetian rowing boats built in fiberglass (of the species of flat gondolas, built according to the tradition of the ancient fishermen’s boats).

Regardless of sport, all nature lovers will find in Garda (and in the surrounding municipalities) the ideal place to make a holiday: the town in fact offers a truly complete green tourism service, thanks to the fruitful collaboration with Greel Line, which goes from visits to botanical gardens to walks within nature trails, passing through the aforementioned eco-compatible sports and delicious breaks dedicated to organic products.

Returning, however, one last time to the world of physical activity and entertainment, it is impossible not to finally remember how Garda is a few kilometers from an amusement park that was ranked fifth among the best in the world by Forbes magazine. We are obviously talking about Gardaland and its 445,000 square meters of fun.

Recommended visits:

  • Palazzo dei Capitani built in 1400
  • Palazzo Fregoso
  • The Parish Church which incorporated the Clock Tower
  • The Pieve di Santa Maria, an ancient church which dates back to the ninth century
  • The sixteenth-century Villa Albertini with its park which houses a small church dedicated to S. Carlo, is surrounded by crenellated walls that give it the appearance of a castle.
  • Bardolino wine museum
  • Museum of Cisano oil
  • Gardaland
  • Caves of Catullus in Sirmione